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Moving timeline

2 months before you move
  • Get a floor plan for your new home and decide between what you will move, store, and get rid of
  • Begin to make an inventory of your things
  • Clean out your storage spaces such as the attic and the garage
  • Find out from your homeowner’s insurer what is covered in your move
  • Get estimates from a couple of moving companies
  • Start the process of transferring your children’s school records
Six weeks before you move
  • Check with the IRS to determine what costs from your move will be tax deductible
  • Subscribe to a newspaper in your new area in order to get community information
  • Notify your friends, relatives, and subscriptions of your move
  • Get a listing of health care providers in your new area
  • Complete change of address forms for postal service, creditors, social security administration, health care providers, legal advisors and schools.
  • Clean out your storage areas and have a garage sale for anything you will not be moving
  • Choose a mover and insurance coverage
  • Contact your employer to see if they will cover any costs of moving (for work related moves)
One month before you move
  • Start packing
  • Have furniture, drapes and carpet cleaned
  • Gather your important documents such as registration and licensing information, medical and school records, birth certificates, wills, stocks, deeds, and other financial information
  • Contact electric, phone, cable, gas, oil, and trash servicers for disconnection at old address and reconnection at the new address
  • Request refunds from your insurance, prepaid utilities, and security deposits
  • Notify home services such as gardeners and pool cleaners
  • Notify insurance companies of your move and for coverage at your new home
Three weeks before you move
  • Finalize your travel plans
  • Close or transfer bank accounts from old to new address
  • Notify your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles of your change of address
  • Two weeks before moving
  • Arrange for transport of pets and plants
  • Have your car serviced for your moving trip
  • Verify all arrangements are correct with the moving company
One week before you move
  • Prepare directions, itinerary and emergency contacts for the movers
  • Settle outstanding bills with local retailers. Return books, videos, and other rented items
  • Visit the vet and obtain copies of your pets’ records
  • Drain power equipment of gas and oil
  • Cancel your newspaper delivery service
  • Find homes for your plants you won’t take with you
  • Buy necessary prescriptions and have prescriptions forwarded to your new local pharmacy
  • Make payment arrangements for your move.
A few days before moving
  • Pack
  • Defrost and clean your refrigerator and freezer
  • Give your valuables to a trusted friend or relative for safekeeping until after the move
  • Disconnect all major appliances
  • Stay in touch with your movers for any updates
  • Pack special bags for the first day and the move. Store them separately in your car.
  • First day-sheets, towels, toiletries, phone, alarm clock, change of clothes, flashlight
  • Move items-scissors, utility knife, water and soda, pencil and paper, local phone book, masking tape, trash bags, snacks, paper plates, plastic utensils, toilet paper, paper towls, soap, trash bags, masking tape, aspirin
Moving day
  • Be home to consult with movers
  • Record utility meter readings
  • Stay home until the movers are finished
  • Complete inventory on the moving bill and read the bill and inventory sheet carefully before signing, keep copies.
  • Take one last look around to be sure you didn’t forget anything
  • Verify the movers have your new address and an emergency contact number
At your new home
  • Unpack your first day and moving kit.
  • Be at your destination to greet and consult with movers.
  • Pay the moving bill after the movers are finished. The driver must collect payment upon delivery by law.
  • As the movers unload your belongings, check them off of your inventory sheet and check for damage or missing items
  • Place moving and other important documents in a safe place.
  • Go to the post office and collect your mail.

Southern facing east end waterfront townhouse with view of bay. Two boat slips belong to this unit (both sides of finger pier). New finger pier this year.